R-controlled vowels word list

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words with /ar/:

armor, are, bar, barn, car, char, czar, far, farm, garland,  jar, mar, par, scar, spar, star, tar, yarn


words with /er/:

dinner, farmer, ladder, letter, paper, tiger

bear rhymes with: hair, air, care, dare, fair, stare, scare, pear, rare, tear, wear, chair, share, there


words with /ir/:

bird, birthday, circle, circus, girl, skirt


words with /or/:

corn, fork, horn, horse, north, torn

*oar rhymes with: four, store, core, door, more, floor, pour, shore, roar, soar, tore, wore, your, chore


words with /ur/:

church, hurt, purse, purple, turkey, turtle