Long /o/ word list

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words with /o_e/:

bode, bone, broke, broken, choke, chose, chrome, clone, close, clothes, clove, coke, cone, cope, cove, crone, dole, dome, dope, dose, dote, dose, dove, drone, drove, froze, frozen, globe, grope, hole, home, hone, hope, hose, hove, joke, lobe, lone, mode,mole, mope, node, nose, note, phone, poke, pose, probe, prone, quote, robe, rode, rope, rose, rote, rove, scope, slope, smoke, smote, sole, spoke, stoke, stole, stone, stove, strobe, strode, stroke, those, throne, tone, tote, VOTE, woke, wrote, yoke, zone

words with /oa/:

boat, coal, coat, coast, cocoa, download, foam, float, goat, groan, load, oak, moan, Oakland, oat, oatmeal, roach, road, roast, soak, soap, toad, toast

words with /ow/:

bow, bowl, crow, elbow, follow, glow, grow, know, low, mow, own, owner, pillow, shadow, shallow, show, slow, snow, tow, window, yellow

words with /oe/:

doe, goes, hoe, oboe, toe, woe

multisyllabic and/or open syllable:

banjo, Bo, cargo, cold, fold, ghost, go, gold, goldfish, hold, Mo, no, oh, open, program, protect, robot, sold, told, troll, yo-yo, yoga, yogurt